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By 3x3
When you publish you set the folder where to publish. It would be nice if there was an address har where you can paste the url or make small changss; for example a new folder section or a folder with a slightly different name that will be created when not found.

Now you have to browse every time when to save in a specific location. The explorer is always open at the location and there xan be made use of it by copying the location.
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By Barry Kelly
I am pretty sure you can manually type any valid address.
This includes copy & paste if you have the address handy somewhere else.
It will even create new folders if they don't exist (just tested in 24) - assuming you have the network permissions to create those folders.

The advantage of the 'Browse' button is that it ensures you do get a valid address.

By 3x3
Last time I checked there was no an address bar whem searching for a location, will check.

(Maybe not at the desired located and Yes Archicad 24 makes new folders, my story is about the total proper working)

Thanks !
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By Barry Kelly
3x3 wrote: Wed Jun 09, 2021 6:54 am Last time I checked there was no an address bar whem searching for a location, will check.

No, when you search there is no address bar (as you would see in Windows Explorer - not sure about Macs but I assume they have similar).
You don't need it when searching as you are simply looking for your location to save any way.
Just click to find the path.
If you want to type you can do so in the file path area.

I assumed by 'address bar' you meant the file path area where you can type what you need or search.

publishing_properties_address.jpg (37.64 KiB) Viewed 100 times
By 3x3
'I assumed by 'address bar' you meant the file path'

That is correct.

Thanks !