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By Miquel Garcia
I would like to export (or to obtain in a Layout) a list of plans showing the current Navigator structure in PlotMaker. This means, as Matthew says, the ability to generate a Table of Contents / Drawing Index in a Layout.
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By Dave Jochum
That would be handy, especially if you could create a template in AC so you wouldn't have to format it each time. I gave it an "Important", reserving "Essential" for items that would be used repeatedly on each project, and so would have more of an impact on our workflow.
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By Geoff Briggs
The key here is to have the list function generate a drawing within PM so it could be inserted into a chosen lay-out. It would also need the option to ignore certain parts of the hierarchy. For example the layouts in the Permit Set folder (and subfolders) are listed but the layouts in the Presentation Drawings folder are ignored. The easiest way might be to select the top-most folder to be included when the list is generated. Of course it would be nice if PM remembered that selection so the list would update upon rebuild.