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By Matthew Lohden
I'm am just now importing a large number of DXF (I don't know why they didn't send DWG - I'll have to bug them about this) files in PlotMaker and am a bit annoyed that I have to keep selecting the (same) translator for each file.

I would like to be able to set one translator for all DXF/DWGs that are imported at the same time. This should also include setting a single SHX file if desired and a single location to look for any xRefs or attached bitmaps.

PS. I am voting "Average" on this one myself because it is not a big deal high priority to me, but since it is probably little more than a simple interface enhancement it seems like it ought to be done.
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By ~/archiben

i am voting "important", because batch importing is just one of a number of 'batch' issues that plotmaker has. i would like to see them all sorted out.

for example:
1. you can't batch select files to be published to print and set the attributes all in one go, but you can set everything except 'print options' if you select folders that contain the drawings to be printed.

2. you can batch select and set plot files to save (PLTs), however the output is one big PLT file rather than a PLT file for each drawing.

i have experienced a few more quirks with batch selection in the publisher, but can't remember them right now . . . if i do i'll re-post here.

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By Matthew Lohden

Good point. This wish should be retitled as "Improved batch processing in PlotMaker"

With this change I would say that its rating definitely moves up to "Important" for me (if not "Essential").