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Publish different types of extensions to different locations in one click.
i.e. the possibility of publishing simultaneously more than one set, each set being published to different folders.

Why is that? publish PDF files to the PDF folder and the DWG to the DWG file.
The following clarifies my wish, in the publisher menu we have three options:
1- Publish this set: wich publishes the current set
2- Publish selected items: wich publishes subfolder in the current set and if I am not wrong will not publish selected sets since you cannot select sets you can only "select sub folders" in the set itself
3- Publish all the sets: will publish everything.

We need to be able to publish selected sets, i.e. 5 of the 15 one could have.
Yep, I have wanted this many times.

There are a lot of publishing issues (the thing I want to do most often, Publish PLT files using the built in FTP uploader is apparently impossible out of the box).

The idea of publishing is so great but the implementation here is so mixed. It has not gotten much love in the last several releases. Until it does, you have to just publish one at a time or everything at once.