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I just want to reiterate how much of a time saver this feature would be, especially the ability to import consultant .ctb files.

I honestly hope the ArchiCAD developers take note of the overwhelming response that this is an essential feature (albeit from a small sampling of people)

Please, if you have not yet voiced you opinion - vote!
I know this is an old wish, but at least half of it has been fulfilled sometime in the past few years: ... ml#1051003

We can save out to .ctb now.
Still on AC14(USA) - The Save As...CTB is not an option. Or is it only an International version option?

Really looking for a way to send the Pen sets.
I really need to IMPORT a dwg file and Autocad CTB file into Archicad so I can work with a dwg drawing provided by my autocad technician and print the drawing with the same lineweights he has created. How can I do that? He is on Autocad 2010 and I'm on Archicad 16. Isn't there an Import CTB setting?

thanks so much
I don't believe there is an import. You could manually match the line weights to the pen number. Or save back to autocad and print there? Can't remember if there's a better option.

This will help too:
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