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Our urban design department is using ArchiCAD for masterplanning.

However, there are limitations including:
- maximum scale is 1:30,000
- area only goes to sqm
- distances only goes to meters

To help with our masterplanning we need:
- increased maximum scale (currently working on new suburb at 1:50,000)
- area figures in Hectares
- distrances in kilometers (KM)

Does anyone else deal with these extremes?

EDIT: This is actually, quite a serious issue for us. There is no real way to work around it, expect maybe use a fake scale (ie reduce the size of EVERYTHING) and pretend 5,000 is actually 50,000. though this is not a scenario I want to attempt. Will have to look at using AutoCAD to do this side of things - which means I need to find a PC.
Just a work around.

it is Km:M ->1:1000 and M:mm ->1:1000 also.

If you are just making a master plan
work in mm and think like you are using meters.
That is you design 10mm and but that is 10meters

Then just using a scale of 1:50 the printed design is at the desired scale.