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By TomWaltz
I copied my post from the "Archicad 10" wishes for more to see:

I'd really like to see a "detail import" function, similar to the way Plotmaker allows you to import sheets from PLN files, or from other Layout books, into your current layout book.

Why not import details from another project into your current one? It would have to import a complete Detail View, including Detail window, name, number, and geometric content.

Not only would this allow easy collection for an office central library, it would also allow for collection of "off-standard" details that may exist in any project you have.
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By ~/archiben
i'm not sure that this exactly what i would like to see, but the principle is something that i have voted as 'essential' for large projects to have a chance in archiCAD.

rather than importing the detail from one archiCAD file to another (duplication=potential for error!) i would prefer this to work much in the same way as alias's/shortcuts in the operating systems:

in this way, you can place a detail marker linked to a detail in another project file. when you need to open that detail, archiCAD reads the data from that files detail module for editing.

we have a large job split into three phases of building (3 project files) with a master site file for the remainder. 90% of the details are cross-project. there is currently no way of managing this and maintaining the functionality of the detail tool.

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By TomWaltz
My only concern with that idea of making them more like aliases is that if you make a change to a detail in one project, you may not need it to change in another project.

It would need an option between "link" and "enbed" to really get the most mileage, so you have the option of using it either way.
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By Geoff Briggs
Good stuff. Yes, this function would need the easy option to keep linked or import.

Thinking about this prompts me toward some other sharing and reuse concepts. Like inserting multi-story hot links (i.e. entire .pln's) all in one go. Great for your Site Plan/Master file. And a symbol/instance object that could include 3D objects. Now complete the loop and let the symbol reside in the remote file, again with the option to link or import. Like having multiple modules in one file. Guess I should move over to the AC 10 wish list.