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By Vitruvius
At the very least:

1./ Automatic Drawing List
2./ Keystrokes the same as ArchiCAD (don't know how GS slipped up here?)

And optimistically:

3./ Insertion of PDF files (great for manufacturer cut sheets etc)

Generally, I find PM to be a great programme and a vast improvement over its earlier incarnations.
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By rwallis
Lateral thought -

GS drop PlotMaker and develop a plug-in to In-Design to handle auto linking with ArchiCAD files.
GS also reach a commercial agreement with Adobe to bundle In-Design with ArchiCAD.
Happy users who can do most of what is on this list (and a lot more!)!!!

[color=#0048ff]Sadly, I suspect this would be unlikely as GS would lose revenue to Adobe, and they wouldn't do it because it ties them to another vendor...but it would be nice...![/color]

[color=#ff0024]Only other nice feature (with normal PM or In-Design) would be the "auto" creation of transmittals simply listing the drawing name, number and revision (of course this alludes to the ability to have sheet specific info. - e.g. a revision number - that can be referenced elsewhere).[/color]
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By SCSCadMan
I'd like to be able to import, then "bind" a drawing. When I first starting importing our borders from Autocad, it made a link to the drawings, but did not make it part of the drawing itself. It remained a link. In AutoCAD, one of the options is to take and XREF and bind it to the drawing, making it a permanent part of the drawing. This feature would be nice in Plotmaker.

By Kevin Brady
Marquee Printing from PlotMaker.

Would save a lot of time and paper, allowing me to proof sections of a layout, without having to set up a 'mock-up' A4 layout for printing small sections.
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By Djordje
SCSCadMan wrote:I'd like to be able to import, then "bind" a drawing.
Break the link in Navigator. Done.

As for the titleblocks, they belong in Masters, and should not in principle be brought in as drawings.
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By Matthew Lohden
This can also be accomplished without breaking the link(s) by selecting "Include all linked files." in the save (or save as) dialog.
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By SCSCadMan
Break the link in Navigator. Done.

As for the titleblocks, they belong in Masters, and should not in principle be brought in as drawings.[/quote]

I don't see an option in the Navigator to break the link. I select the imported drawing, open Drawing Settings (which show the link), but the link is greyed out.

I tried the Save As... with "Include Files" and the link is still there.

I had imported the AutoCAD drawing into the Master.
By Bill Rattenbury
My List (much the same as other peoples!)

- Contents Page creation
- Drawing List - To print a separate A4 list to send out with documents
- Revision Numbering & comments - via drawing database as per drawing list above
- Auto-referencing between files from different sources.
- Teamwork
- Be able to Create a series of individual PDF's via publisher naming each as per its Layout name (if this can be done on a Mac please tell me!)
- GDL or API able so others can add this kind of thing or customise it
- PDF import or some other way of bulk text import into PM (on Mac)
- Match keystrokes
- Load .PMK (separate PM drawings) files in the background on open, ie when you open the LBK load current pages PMK's first and then others in background rather than have a stream of progress dialogs