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By chriszolezzi
I think that it would be really nice if the software was able to use the new 3-D televisions for presentations. I am not familiar with the video formats that can interface with the players or if it is possible to use it as a monitor type application or if you would have to render out a movie that could be played on the displays. The other technology that is advancing is the 3-D glasses. They have become much more affordable and accessible.
Graphisoft already supports 3D viewing with the Virtual Building Explorer (VBE) add-on: ... -explorer/

although I'm not sure why the web site does not give more "play" to the red/cyan viewing mode which works pretty nicely. (There is also a left-eye/right-eye viewing mode that would require some special hardware I would guess - have not heard anyone talk about that mode.)

So, while not cool new polarized or shuttered 3D glasses, the cheap red-cyan ones work with wherever you have your computer, or connect your laptop to an HDTV.


PS Attached is a reduced screenshot from the NHS Office Building. Will post an exterior image next. Of course, with VBE, it is entirely a live, dynamic walkthrough, but you can still create static screenshots to send to people.
An exterior red/cyan anaglyphic screenshot from the free, downloadable VBE viewer for the NHS Office Building (link on GS web site in previous post)...
I tend to do presentations where I either generate a flythrough of a project or in some cases I will just use the computer to navigate through it live so that when questions come up we can go to that area and explain the current situation.

The issue I commonly have is that allot of people out there just do not have the ability to comprehend a 3-D situation when presented in 2-D. There brains are not able to comprehend it. Through experience I have noticed that if the camera is moving it is a little easier for those people to understand but if I can show them in 3-D what is happening I think my projects would have allot less field change orders.
One year later and still no advancement in the 3-D Interface.
The last post was back in version 15, I have not seen any improvements made in the two versions sense. Unless I am missing a capability in the software.

Has anyone else had any luck with 3-D viewing.
Have you tried connecting to a 3D TV and turning on the 3D Simulated mode?
I know it works because I just tried it but can't say exactly how good it is because all the batteries are flat in my 3D glasses!