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By MSotero
I maintain a PLT history for each project in folders labeled with the plot dates.
This provides the project history and ability to plot any particular sheet(s) at random.
It also provides an alternative to being forced to maintain hard copies of what you handed out.

From this perspective, the following are possibilities to increase the flexibility of how to use PlotFlow.

First the current State of Affairs that need some work:
One can add multiple files of the same name only by multiple trips to the Open menu.
While it is possible to Configure a folder to automatically plot the content, it has limitations.
1) You can't place files of the same name there without them overwriting the previous files.
2) Since the contents of the folder is deleted after plotting, you need to remember to Copy files there. This is why I find its a good idea to keep this folder on a different hard drive than the project PLT files to insure that files get copied when dragging them there.
3) Conceptually, why should we have to create a copy of the file to be plotted if you only need a pointer to the file (it already seems to do this in the Open command).

My Recommendations are to provide the ability to:
1) drag PLT files into the PF Status List from the hard drive
2) drag files/folders with the same name multiple times into the Status List
3) Divide the Status List into 2 parts (upper and lower) and have ability to Link to folders:
• The upper part does what it does now, it manages the active plot queue.
• The lower part would maintain links to project plot folders. In concept, one could drag each project folder from the hard drive into the lower section of the PF Status List to create the link. Since the link is to a folder, it will automatically have the current contents. One could plot a file or entire folder of files by dragging it from the lower section to the upper section.

Well anyway, maybe you have ideas too.