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Trying to create a translator that will export and import texts without changing them. Goal is that texts should be identical in ArchiCAD and in AutoCAD. (ArchiCAD 15 and AutoCAD LT 13, file format dwg 2010). Problems are that spacing between rows changes. The two programs handle the "Boundary Box" differently and because of it the spacing between rows changes. I´m testing with Arial and Style "Standard" in AutoCAD. Translator defines font-style conversion Arial = Standard, and translator links to an dwg where style "standard" is defined. Using MAC SnowLepard.

I found an entry on Archicad Wiki (see attachment) that confirms my problem but offers no sullotion!!
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I have linked such dwg file to the translator. The dwg defines the style "Standard". "Standard" is a default text style (Arial + normal size and distance) in autocad and I hoped that it would match default ARIAL in ArchiCAD. When I export text (ARIAL, default) from ArchiCAD to DWG and open dwg in AutoCAD the text has decreased in hight to about 97%. When I open the same DWG in ArchiCAD the text is 115% higher than it was when shown in AutoCAD and thus 112% higher than the original text. It is the distance between lines I am talking about. Individual letters are correct.