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I am involved with an experimental project at the City of San Diego (California, USA) where we are trying to implement Electronic Plan Submittal (EPS). I see this as an inevitable progression for the AEC industry and would like to see Graphisoft help us reach that goal.

I have reviewed comments from 18 cities in the USA that have researched implementation of EPS and the comments are all very similar.

Building departments need the ability to navigate published documents, whether they are PDF, DWF, or another file type. I would like PlotMaker to generate these files with hyperlinks so that a reviewer can click on an area of one document and be taken to another document.

These links would be AUTOMATICALLY generated in the PDF (or other file type) similar to the table of contents generated in the current Project Reviewer option in PlotMaker. Additionally, they would relate to more specific information. For example, if I am looking at a floor plan on sheet A1-01, and it has a detail callout B4/A6-01, I could click on that and it would take me right to Detail B4 on sheet A1-01. Yes, I could spend hours doing this manually after I create my PDF files but PlotMaker and ArchiCAD already have a very good understanding of these linked relationships. It’s just a matter of transferring that information automatically into the PDF files.

Obviously, this feature would be a great benefit to those who already take advantage of ProjectReviewer for online collaboration.

Because I was a victim of AutoCAD tyranny for so many years, I would prefer to see these capabilities associated with PDF and not DWF files.

If anyone out there knows of a building department somewhere in the world that has implemented EPS I would love to hear about it.

I believe Graphisoft has gone some distance in this regard.

The PDF print driver will print hyperlinks to section markers from the plan and if the drawings are published to PDF as a set, the resulting file will include bookmarks to each sheet.

On a grander front, much work has been done with model file submittals in Singapore and Scandinavia using ArchiCAD models, IFC files and clash checking tools.

For a broader discussion you might have a look at what the BLIS Project and its progenitors are up to, esp. SABLE.

One tool you should definitely have a look at is the Solibri Model Checker. Solibri's web site is here. AEC Bytes review of this product is here. AEC Bytes has other information posted that would be of interest to you as well.

There are a number of people at Graphisoft who would be interested in your initiative. The one that comes to mind is John Mitchell who is based in Budapest. John heads up the IFC initiative at Graphisoft and is very well connected the the user/researcher community on this front. (

If you have more questions, post away or by private message, as you prefer.

Thanks for the crash course in current technology in this field. The senior building official here has mentioned a desire to have software-based code-check so I passed the info on to him.

However, I don't feel software such as Solbiri's will be a viable option for many years to come. We have to overcome a huge culture gap between the cutting-edge private sector and the entrenched beuracracies who are opposed to change. Because you can only change the dominant paradigm from within, we are trying to implement PDF plan submittal as the important first step. Crusty old plan checkers can conceptually relate to a PDF which resembles a piece of paper. The leap from that to an electronic model of a building will take a while.

And while the code-check compliance is in the imaginable future, checking compliance with local municipal codes is pure science fiction because, as every kid learns in his first computer class, a fundamental tenant of computer programing is "Garbage in, garbage out".

By the way, the automatic hyperlinking works with the Amyuni PDF converter and not the Adobe PDF software I tried initially.

Thanks again for your help.