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By alemanda
Publishing process, especially, to dwg, is extremely slow when the drawing is a bit complex. I lose 1hr to publish around 30 layout in dwg. PDF fortunately is much faster.
I hope GS could implement a multi CPU publishing process in order to take advantage of the many cores we have in our machines. Actually publishing the layout A seems to be a separate task from publishing layout B. I'm not a programmer but I assume si quite easy ...
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By Erwin Edel
Maybe you can tweak some settings for the way fills are handled, I think those are sometimes being converted to lines. Especially the symbol fills that stretch and repeat. They look very nice, of course.

As a fix for the time being.

I think you can define a replacement fill for certain fills. This might speed it up a bit. You need a DWG with the replacement hatches to read them. ... s/#1007555 some more info
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By Erwin Edel
A long time ago we were doing a co-op project with a firm that worked on AutoCAD and they were asked to present both designs as one (don't ask me why they wanted the 2D CAD firm to be in the lead), I could export our drawings with pen conversions, linetypes, fills, you name it and it looked very close to their in house style. Just takes a little time to set up, but once you have it, you can use it every time.
By alemanda
Probably my post confused ...
I meant that archicad takes too much time to publish in DWG ...
Of course I set my dwg translator.
By Anton Kazmin
To get this conversation back on track:

Alemanda is totally right.

Publishing is not multicore. It is sequential. One drawing after another. It is not only DWG. Any publishing task is not multithreaded. It is indeed very slow and does not go along with "Faster than ever" mantra for ArchiCAD.

ArchiCAD is a very old software and there are portions of the program that are new and work fast, but there are portions of what is called "legacy code" that are not even multicore-aware.

Drawing checking through drawing manager is not multithreaded, for instance.
BIMx hyper model creation is single thread only... list goes on.

I would agree with Allemande, publishing has a priority in my mind.