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Plot Control, Publishing, Import-Export (DXF/DWG, PDF...), IFC…

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Basically I want to control all publishing related items via 'info'. I put in the clients lot, street name, Suburb...

The PDF Name should be as follows
#lot, #streetname, #suburb, #clientnames - Contract Plans
Resulting in
111, Jeorge Street, Westy Bank, Ben and Ella - Contract Plans.pdf

The publishing folder should be
C:\#year\#lot #streetname, #suburb, #clientnames\Plans
Resulting in
C:\2017\111, Jeorge Street, Westy Bank, Ben and Ella\Plans

Now it's a set and forget on the template.
Extending on this wish, it would probably be useful to use Autotext in View Names, Layout Names, and Publisher Item Names (there are some Autotexts in Publisher Item Names, but there could be more).
Items and folders in The Publisher Sets are actually the only place in the Organizer that accepts Autotexts.

So yes, you can get pretty much any Autotext from the Project Info as the name of your file or folder. You just need to rename the folder or the item manually. Just right click on the folder/item, select Rename Folder or Rename Items and under Custom Name write something like "<SITEADDRESS1>, <SITEADDRESS2>, <SITEADDRESS3>, <CLIENT_GIVENNAME>".

A very useful list of all these Autotet keywords is here:
It's a shame <CURRENTISSUEDATE> is unstable in folder names. I keep ending up with the date being blank, not updating from the previous issue and in the last case reverting to the first issue. :roll: If it worked consistently I could reliably print multiple layouts to a single PDF using the issue date to differentiate it from other issues. As it is, I have on more than one occasion had to recover overwritten files.