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I posted this in another Index, with little (actually no) interest, so I'm re-posting it as a Wish List item.

I've had some pretty good success with BIMx producing 360 degree views of my models, especially interior spaces, and had fun immersing myself in spaces using an iPhone and Google Cardboard-type phone holders. But there are limitations. The biggest being that you are only able to get the BIMx rendering quality (with limited lighting and shading options) using BIMx - not to mention that you must use BIMx on a smartphone for output. There's some great 360 degree content out there, produced with relatively inexpensive 360 cameras like the Ricoh Theta S, etc.

Wouldn't it be great to have a 360 VR output Option in ArchiCAD itself? That way you can render a customizable resolution, Cinema 4D quality, 360 view that can be imported into many other software applications for tweaking and sharing. Images could also be easily shared on Social Media platforms as well. How cool would that be? Just a thought, and perhaps in a future release of ArchiCAD. Comments? Or perhaps is this option going to be available with the Cinema 4D V18 release in ArchiCAD 21? Or, at the very least, allow BIMx to save a jpg of the image that may be used in other applications.


- Ed.
You might have seen already but this will be native in r19 cameras.

I agree this is needed in one way or another, I have a cardboard sitting to the right of me and I'm wondering how I can deliver content to the customer without going through BimX.

Maybe ArchiCAD can support it but they have a lot of other work to do with their camera system I think (it's crap and it should have come before stairs and railings.. stairs and railings don't get users, visuals and integration do.)

But because so many other programs now support 360° this I think cross-platform integration is a higher priority. They have live or updated connection with Rhino and Twinmotion now.. I think it's time to look at UE, Unity, speedtree maybe even lumberyard.