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By HugoSandström
Maybe the subject to this wish should be something like "Ability To Set Root Directory" but i thought "Publish to relative path" was a more user friendly subject.

What i would like to do is to set the directory folder of the projects .pln as a root directory. So that i can direct my publish path relative to this root directive. This would also be able for other links, such as hotlinks, drawings, Xrefs etc.

With this feature one can move, or rename, a project map without the need to redirect the publish path or loosing other links/paths.

Does anybody els think this would be a good feature, or am i not thinking this through?
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By Emre Senoglu
Hey Hugo this definitely makes sense. Such a simple command that would make a huge difference in workflow. Would love to hear if there are any updates on this from Graphisoft's side.