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By Mike Hann
My wish is simple and in my opinion this should take a high priority. I want bug free PDF output from plotmaker using the supplied Amyuni driver and using the "save file" methodology from within publisher.
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By Mike Hann
Ben Odonnell wrote:Mike,
What sort of problems are you having?

Ever since Archicad introduced the "save file" method of producing PDF files in version9, I often get errors in the dialog box showing the creation of the PDF file(see attached image). Most of the time the resulting PDF file is fine, but sometimes it is not. Its hard for me to ignore an error message and assume all is well. I have since reverted to producing PDF's using the "print" method and choosing the Amyuni driver as my means of creating PDF's (our office does not own Acrobat :cry: .

The other problems I have had with producing PDF's seem to be tied to the inclusion of image files (jpg, png, psd ect.) in either imported views from Archicad, or image files imported directly to Plotmaker. I have spent countless hours trying to resolve this problem, but have not come up with a definite cause. It is periodic and unpredictable. Just this morning I was publishing a PDF set and this "bug" showed its ugly face. I had published a set onto 11x17 sheets yesterday without problem, and was publishing the same set this morning onto 24 x36 sheets removing the reduction I had applied previously. I have yet to get a successful 24 x 36 PDF out of plotmaker for this view set and already it is past noon where I live. It seems to hang on one of the detail sheets that has a image file as one of the details. If I am patient it eventually produces a very large PDF file (75 MB for 24 sheets) that gives an error message When I try to open it in Acrobat reader. I have converted the image file from a png to a psd and other supported image format, and still I have the problem. I have played with the image compression settings in the Amyuni driver. Perhaps the solution is to get Acrobat (or switch to MAC's :) - If only this were possible)and that is probably the direction we will go next.

PDF's are fundamental to our office. It is frustrating that Graphisoft includes a PDF solution that is not fully implemented. I would rather no solution was present and I would have avoided hours of wasted time and went straight to Acrobat. I have posted several times regarding this issue with little response. I don't know if others aren't using PDF's, aren't using the Amyuni driver, or don't include image files in their drawing sets, but I have not had definite confirmation of similar problems. I have contacted Graphisoft technical support and sent them example files which illustrate some of the problems. I have rambled far longer than I should, but feel that a viable PDF solution should be a top priority in future releases of Archicad.
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By Roolio
We have the exactly the same problem.

I get the feeling they release a new version of plotmaker (or what ever) with new features but due to time constraints or cash flow problems they bang it out too fast and half done, with the expectation that the patch they will release in 2 months later is an acceptable solution.

Well it is not! Why can't less features be added and work as opposed to more; all of which don't?

Hopping of soap box now. Sorry to use your wish as a platform for my whinge.