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I would love to have the ability to choose orgin of my layout template. More specificaly, I want tho have the orgin on the right hand side.
You are probably asking why.
So the thing is, usually the text stuff that are same for all drawings are placed in bottom right corner (I think tihs is more or less standart around the world). So if I have the same thing to be placed in all my
templates, which of course have different lenght, I have then to vist those newly created layout templates just to move my pre made thing to right spot. This is even more usefull for cases like extending the lenght of plotted layout.
And this is fine when I have to make one new from time to time, however with growing projects we have to do this often for 20+ layouts and that adds up.
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Ling, thanks for your post, I have red through that discussion, however, this wish is about having the ability to change the origin instead of the anchor. And the reason is, that if you copy-paste between two different layouts/masters the insertion point is always calculated from the origin of that layout. Therefore if one needs to create a series of layout masters, he/she has always to manually adjust the position of layout stamp to match the new longer or shorter master.
This would be just a small improvement to make things more productive, and as the stamp is located in a bottom right corner almost all over the world, I think it would be universally appreciated.
If you copy the relevant objects between the different layouts BEFORE you change the size of the new layout? Your objects should be inserted into their correct positions relative to their original anchor of which will be retained once the layout size is changed. I've never needed to create a custom layout as we always work with set sheet sizes / blocks, but that is how I understood the anchors and origin.

Now I am a bit ashamed of myself, as cereating a copy of existing layout by dragging with Control and then changing to desired dimensions certainly is a better way to do things than creating new layout master from scratch and then copy-pasting everything from another master. By that this poll becomes irelevant, sorry for wasting everyones time :oops:
skawagon wrote: Tue Oct 02, 2018 10:36 am By that this poll becomes irelevant, sorry for wasting everyones time :oops:
Don't be.
You got a solution to your problem and have possibly helped others as well.