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Apart from the VR camera trick, you can already do this in BIMx with hyperdocs - i.e. have the 3D model siting on the PDF plan.

This "little trick" is exactly my wish and should be made with minimum effort, because Bimx already has the 3D-Model.

this "little trick" is all its about - for our costumers, to feel it much more realistic than the existing BimX - its about the feling someone gets - its much more real!

If it would be possible to situate-fix the PDF on any Surface-the camera of the device can get - it would be much better. but displayed on an real plan has the benefit of manipulating the Paper and the 3D-Model follows, so the customers can "work" on the Paper and the Model follows them - not us presentators..
I don't quite get the point.
I can do this now without having to move my iPad physically around a piece of paper.
So the customer has to move the paper around or physically move themselves around the paper, all the time making sure the camera stays focused on the plan.

I'd rather just drag my finger across the screen.
I admit it does look impressive, but I don't think it is very practical.

It is about the felt reality - when someone turns a paper and the model follows - it FEELS much more realistic than just turning the same model on the scrren with the finger - try it by yourself! Watch other Peoples reaction - its a big diffrence.