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Should Graphisoft provide the ability to produce 3D images with a min. res. of 300dpi vs. 72dpi?

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rm wrote: Fri Mar 06, 2020 3:05 am Hi Karl!

Thanks for trying to help. I may have mixed up terms as far as file types go. Let me clarify. The Perspective view in the first attachment here, is the view I wish to place in my layout book. In order to increase its overall pixel size, I undock the tab it is associated with, right click on view and a pallet comes up to change the overall pixel size for width and height - highlighted in RED. Once you hit, OK the image increases in size. In my case the whole screen goes black, not sure why. I then right click on the black screen and select, save and place in layout book. The view is brought into the layout book and this is where the bug in AC shows itself.

Screen Shot 2020-03-05 at 8.37.10 PM.png

In the next attachment, you see a screen shot of the layout book with the saved view placed on the layout. Notice the top and bottom of the frame is clipped. In AC23 you would typically resize the frame and update it and the whole image would be seen again. Unfortunately it doesn't work with Axons or Perspectives and GS NA has reported this to GS as an issue. Also note the dpi of the image is now 302, which would work fine for me in this case, but unfortunately the top and bottom of the image is clipped, therefore is of no use to me.

Screen Shot 2020-03-05 atv 8.39.56 PM.png

Your reply caused me to try an experiment, as you noted modern screens have ppi denser than 72dpi - I took a screen shot of the original 3D view in AC which was a png file. I imported directly into PS. My screens are 4K and 5k . I was able to get in image that would resolve at 300dpi and fit edge to edge on the layout book, effectively doing what AC should be able to do within the AC file itself. This approach requires extra steps, not to mention now I am adding additional external files to the AC file which have to be tracked. But it is a work around until GS can squash this bug.

So to the original point of the poll, if you feel you need this functionality, vote yes. If not - so be it.
Struggling with the same issue at my project.
Graphisoft has acknowledged the bug as for the Mac platform only.....they have offered no timeline for a fix, Nor did their response indicate the need for a fix.

Once again, report a bug, fully document it for Graphisoft US, get an acknowledgement of the bug, bug goes ignored.

Thank you GS!
hi rm,

i so very much agree with you that AC cannot produce decent 300dpi drag and drop option of perspective view into layout.

often times many project do not have fee allowed for fancy render nor need of it. OpenGL looks great on screen but when exported to PDF (by saved view dropped into layout) it's fuzzy and dusty.

all i want in many case is just to be able to set 300 dpi on view setting.. grrrrrr.
I needed a bigger resolution for some Open GL images to be included in construction documents, and found this discussion about it. My images were looking very fuzzy when printed.

Today I realized that for years I have been using my 15" Mac laptop display in a "dumbed down", much smaller resolution than is actually available. My work-around: by setting my display preferences to the highest resolution (smallest text display), moving all the other archicad windows to my other display, and maximizing the size of the 3d window, Archicad generates a larger 3d image. I was able to save a large enough screen shot, 3600 x 2270 pixels, which gives me 350 dpi on the layout. When I saved the same screen view as a .png from Archicad, it was the same larger size. However, the size noted in the updated view settings is smaller: 1800 x 1140. If I drag the view to the layout, rather than save and put it in as an external drawing, I only got 174 dpi.

I'll have to change the screen resolution back, so I can read the tiny text, but now at least I have images that are large enough to make me proud of using Archicad.