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~/archiben wrote:? the option to have the plotmaker publisher use the drawing number as a default file name rather than the layout name.

? the option to have the layout name and number show as a default in the navigator.

I would agree, this is ONE of the BIGGEST short comings of the navigator concept that I was wishing for back in the Stone Age of ArchiCAD.
So now that we are taking Plotmaker into the space age....Publisher should produce the NUMBERING, as well as, the NAMES of the layout sheets.
We should all be screeming about this one!

I like the option of using the automatic NUMBERING, as well as, the Layout Name to show up on the layout sheet in two seperate locations on the layout sheet.

Let's face it, we rely on automatic drawing numbers to indicate where our details are (BEST THING IN THE WORLD), so we can rely on the drawing number...(the settings we worked so hard to set up) be the first part of the saved file from publisher.
By Jeffrey
Yes-!! I can't even get the numbers to stay on while in the PM navigator. But the way I organize my projects now is that everything has a "designated" sheet when I set up the lbk so it wouldn't bother me if you couldn't turn off the numbering as I've found this to be the easiest way to keep confusion to a minimum.
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By Millard Brooking
I actually prefer that plotmaker default to using the layout number and name. I have resigned myself that this is something that I have to change each time I open the file, but I wish my selection would stick.
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By johncassel
Please make it so that PlotMaker leave the settings concerning "Show Layout Names and Numbers" as it was left in the previous session or make it so that "Show Names and Numbers" can be set as the default.

We have to reset this each time we fire up PlotMaker.

Thank you,