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I wish to have an option to choose what Layout on QuickView should be located. Right now if you will use "Append new Layouts to Layout Book" plot maker is creating Layout for every drawing and we have to reorganize whole book anyway.
There is an option when importing views to place them on the current layout.
It is easy enough to drag the drawings to the appropriate layout after that.

Once you have a typical layout book set up, you will be reusing a copy of it as a template. In future projects you will be linking the layout book copy to the next project's pln.

You may want to read through the manuals and tutorials that come with AC. They have their limitations but such basics are covered.
Yes, this is some kind of walkaround, but it is not solution. Houses that we are working on, are a lot of time different in size, shape etc. When you update your template, location of your drawings in a drawing frame, and/or size of a drawing frame have to be fixed, titles have to be moved too, and this takes a lot of time and is "opportunity to make a mistake (especially that moving drawing in frame is made "in blink" because its hidden when it is moved). It would be much easier just to move properly positioned ans sized (inside drawing frame) drawings. Version 9 bring nice tool for positioning drawings on the layout, but as far I know you have to import drawings that belong to the same layout at once.
You don't have only one opportunity to bring in drawings for a layout. You can do this at any time.

If all your projects are so different in size, whether you start a layout book from scratch or reuse an existing one you will still have to arrange the drawings on each layout sheet. Also there is the option to 'fit to frame' for each drawing so it will automatically resize the drawing to its boundaries.

There are a lot of settings within plotmaker that do address many of your concerns.
Place hotspots on key points in your plans that you want to line up from sheet to sheet. You cursor in PM will snap to these points, and you can use hotspots on your master layouts to make sure the points line up from sheet to sheet.

What if house so large or so small that it changes number of layouts ? I'm just trying to make Book as simple and quick as possible.
Like I said, all of those ways you presented are (in my eyes at least) just walkarounds, not solutions. I understand that all of that can be done and we are doing it in our office, but having that option would save us some time, and make our life easier.