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By Int_Skylined
laszlonagy wrote:I am not exactly sure what you are trying to say.

Just one: bosses Graphisoft (and Nemetchek) would can be more smart and quick in taking decisions. Vray has strong positions in archviz, Cinerender - not sure.

laszlonagy wrote:But if you compare the built-in Renderer in ARCHICAD (CineRender) with the built-in Renderer in Revit (Autodesk Raytracer - they have only one, too), CineRender wins hands down.

No, compare Cinerender & Vray (and it possible functionality)

Don't have some info about money,maybe you are right.
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By LaszloNagy
Well, comparing CineRender to VRay? CineRender is part of ARCHICAD. For VRay you will probably have to shell out 1000 USD to have it available in Revit, when it becomes available (it is still in beta). So the only fair comparison is to compare the rendering engines available in ARCHICAD and Revit by default.

But I agree with you in that it would probably be great to have VRay connection in ARCHICAD (just to give people choice over what rendering application they use). I am not familiar with its complete feature set, but I know it is a high-end rendering solution. And as I understand it is fast.
Just out of interest I checked a VRay vs CineRender thread on Reddit and there doesn't seem to be a clear overall winner. It very much depends on your quality requirements and what you are trying to do: ... al_render/
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By TMA_80
laszlonagy wrote:Yes, it is nice. For ARCHICAD I think this is currently available only in the 3rd party OctaneRender, which is GPU-based, and which can work inside of ARCHICAD.

As can be seen in the video it is Cinerender in realtime , the same engine that is implemented in ArchiCAD.

As for Vray, if there is a version for ArchiCAD made by Chaogroup, beside having a top class renderer, it will be a huge marketing tool for ArchiCAD .
(i've always thought that given the geographical proximity of the two companies: GS and Chaosgroup ...and the dominance of ArchiCAD in Europe , this integration was a logical step ...)
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By tworks
Int_Skylined wrote:The 1000 USD over base price is so-so way, however. Also, agree with you about choice of rendering engine via connectors. It would be more selective and flexible way.

laszlonagy wrote:Yes, it is nice. For ARCHICAD I think this is currently available only in the 3rd party OctaneRender, which is GPU-based, and which can work inside of ARCHICAD.

Is Vray not only partially GPU render used for previews mainly and not for production rendering? Or has it become a fully GPU render software now?
That might be important in what hardware you need.
OctaneRender plugin and standalone (you need standalone licence as well to run plugin) will cost 619US dollar. Comparing that to the 1000US of Vray youy mentioned in this thread, it is less, but then... if you do not have a great GPU you might need to invest in hardware as well.
Then it is much easier to invest and upgrade hardware for GPU rendering then for CPU rendering.
Anyway, having a direct render option from within ArchiCAD (with Cinerender or plugin) seems far more attractive (imo) then having to export it to a standalone render software.
(I have to say though, that I used to work with Artlantis and the exchange was very easy.)
If there were more plugins to choose from would be nice ofcourse, but on the other hand Cinerender seems to have that great performance when choosing CPU rendering. A lot of users have Artlantis as a nice workflow and there is the OCtane plugin.. so we have choices already :-)

just my 2 cents :D :D
By Lingwisyer
FYI: VRay had both a CPU and a GPU option when I was using it in 3DS Max 2011 and 2016. There's apparently a fair bit of difference in how you set it up, but I've only used the CPU option so I'm not sure about the extent.