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By Juan Manuel Sanchez
Hello! I would like the archicad to include in the future the restrictions that exist in revit. For example, when creating a wall and a network element you can link them and if you move the network element, it automatically lengthens or aligns the wall. Sorry for my English.
       If someone knows something similar now, tell me! Thank you ! Regards!
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By Lingwisyer
There are quite a few wishes for the ability to associate elements of different types to each other. At the moment, the only tool to do this is the AC21+ Stair Tool. The main limitation of how the association system in AC works at the moment is that it can only associate node to node, not edge to edge or node to edge.

While this would be a useful feature in some situations, I would guess that a large reason why GS would be reluctant to implement it (at least to the degree that Revit does) is because in situations like Revit where you have a lot of automatic association of elements , you tend to suffer a major performance (and stability) hit as the project grows more in size and the number of associations as well keep increasing, thereby increasing the number of them that the program has to keep track of.

My memories of working with Revit from a couple of years ago was the number of program crashes we would get thanks to to many association ( "cyclic" error or something like that).
They would even warn you in official Revit forums to be aware of the number of associations you had or kept creating in your program because sooner or later it would crash and you possibly would lose your work if not your project file altogether.

That doesn't sound like a great recipe for productivity and if that's what's keeping GS from implementing in ArchiCAD then I'm fine with them leaving it out.

Maybe giving the user the option and ability to create custom associations instead of making them automatic would be a good middle ground, since, in that situation it's you - the user - who's creating these links and it's ultimately up to you to keep track of them depending on how stable you want your project to be.
By DGSketcher
There is a loose association process available in AC for editing multiple elements. Unfortunately I can't find it it the online help at this time. If you have common reference lines for slabs, walls & roofs, select them all and suspend groups, you can then edit the reference line of one of the elements and the rest will follow. It is quite powerful if your model respects the common reference line process. You can reshape a straight edge to a curve and the wall, slabs and roof will all reshape to suit. This is best done in 3D as you may want to edit multiple elements on several storeys.

Of course there is still the marquee method of stretching in plan view.
It is true, in certain occasions the automatic restrictions can be a problem when you do not want to associate different elements, but a type of manual restriction would be very helpful, at least with my experience with the use of these programs. Thank you all for your answers, this was my first post !. :D