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Please consider adding the following global variable...
a. OUTPUT SCALE as a number (1/4"-1'-0" would return 48, etc)
I am in need of using the output scale to create a graphic scale
currently this variable only returns a STRING "1/4:=1'-0"

This number is already available to the system as evidenced in the scale dialog itself.
Hi Duane! Just to clarify... when you say 'this variable' returning the text string (for Imperial users - it would be the number for non-imperial) - do you mean GLOB_SCALE (previously known as A_)?

I agree that a numeric global would be useful. They seem to have introduced 1,000 new globals for stairs and railings, so adding what you're asking for seems like it would be easy for them. :-)

BTW - did you look at the existing drawing labels that display a scale to see how they do it?
BTW - did you look at the existing drawing labels that display a scale to see how they do it?
In the macro Graphic_Sc_NCS_drawTit they look for a match to the scale name, then GoSub a routine to set the scale numbers, for both imperial and metric units. The code is very lengthy (1364 lines, but some are commented out).

Hello vfrontiers,

Sorry, but it is not quite clear to me what it is you are asking for. As the guys before me mentioned, GLOB_SCALE does just that - it takes the current scale, and returns the scale factor as a number, so that you can make calculations/comparisons with it.

1:100 ------> GLOB_SCALE = 100
1/4"-1'-0" -> GLOB_SCALE = 48

Is that not what you are looking for?
That is not my experience...

GLOB_SCALE will return 1/4"=1'-0" (not 48)

Unless this changed in AC22???


Just to make sure, I have tried this in ARCHICAD 22 USA, on macOS 10.14. I attached a picture of my result.

If you have an object that works differently, please send it to me, so that I can see if this is a bug.

Kind Regards,
scale object.png