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With the IFC Mapping Rules (in Map IFC Properties for Export), you can only map simple, singular values, but not lists. Alas, within IFC most Pset_*Common PropertySets have the "Status" property which expresses the different status possibilities (NEW, DEMOLISHED, EXISTING, etc...).

However, due to this limitation, I cannot map the ARCHICAD Renovation Status to this field. Instead, ARCHICAD creates a custom property set 'CPset_Phasing' (in the early days they used an AC_Renovation property set).

We're trying to standardised IFC mappings within our industry working groups for multiple software and here, despite the stellar IFC support of ARCHICAD, I cannot fix it.
Probably a wish...

Can we map ARCHICAD Renovation Status to Pset_*Common.Status property in IFC?

but rather a concern. We try to standardise best practices to align as much as possible to IFC and configure the different BIM software as best as we can. This is one of those times where we don't succeed in mapping the "Renovation Status" from ARCHICAD to the desired property.

I'm not entirely sure I fully understand you however, based on what I could get I can provide the following information:

In IFC4 format, within every property set (Pset_*Common), there is a "Status" property that shows the renovation status of the element.

In IFC2x3 format, the Status property is not existing in Pset_*Common

When ARCHICAD exports a file to IFC, it always exports its own renovation status to "AC_Pset_RenovationAndPhasing" property regardless of settings.

During the process, if we choose to use Standard IFC4 Properties in IFC translator, the renovation status will be added to Pset_*Common for every element.

If we choose to use Standard IFC2x3 Properties, because of the format, there will be no renovation status added to any Pset_*Common, but the AC_Pset_RenovationAndPhasing will be included.

This is coming from IFC2x3 itself, and not from ARCHICAD's ability to handle it.

I hope this will help with answering the wish. If more information is needed just let me know. Thank you very much!

Kind regards,