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By Lingwisyer
Hi all,

When you save a selection as an object, the first few lines of the 2D and 3D script consist of MUL commands. For quick doors and windows, this is fine as A, B and ZZYZX are easily editable within the object settings. When it comes to other sub-objects though, A and B are defined within the sub-object settings which more often than not, are disabled when a custom object is used resulting in your custom object been stretched / compressed to fit the last objects bounding box.

So this is a wish for either the MUL commands to not be included within the object generation when using the "Save Selection As..." option
for the sub-object size settings not to be disabled when a custom object is selected.

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By Barry Kelly
I am not quite sure I get what the problem is.
The MUL commands are there so that when you place the saved object using sizes other than what it was saved as, it will stretch proportionally to suit the new size.

So if you save as a door leaf, it will look the same no matter what size door frame you place it it - just squashed to suit the frame size.
The same applies for any other sub-element type.
When you CALL that sub-element in, you set the A, B & ZZYZX size that you want it to be, and the MUL commands automatically stretch it to suit those sizes.

If you don't want the size to change, you CALL it with fixed values for A,B & ZZYZX that match those sizes in the called object.

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By Lingwisyer
The issue is with sub-objects such as door handles and knobs. The A & B parameters are locked when a custom sub-object is selected. As I mentioned, this is not an issue with all sub-types. It becomes more of an inconvenience than anything else.

The same issue is present with some of the default door leafs. Some parameters are not available for some of the types even though they are still used, so if you want to edit them you need to change to a leaf type that has the parameter active, modify the value, then change back.

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By Barry Kelly
Lingwisyer wrote:
Fri Sep 06, 2019 4:53 am
The issue is with sub-objects such as door handles and knobs. The A & B parameters are locked when a custom sub-object is selected.
I'm still not following you on this one.
None of the handles in a door allow you to adjust their size (at least not in Door 22).
When you save selection as a 'door handle', the size you save it as is the size of the handle - you can't adjust it.
But if you look at the handle object script, the sizes are not locked.
You just don't have control over them from the door object that CALLs the handle.

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By Lingwisyer
I am sure I have had the issue with some of the default door leaf settings too... but here is a knob one. My knob was compressed into a 100mm width originally...

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By Barry Kelly
That is just bad object scripting if you ask me.
Because you are using a 'custom' knob, the regular knob sizes are locked as if it is not adjustable - this is fine.
What is bad is that GS hasn't added the actual custom knob sizes in the graphical interface for you to alter.
So it is being forced to fit a certain size and you can't alter it.

However, if you open the parameter list (thankfully they did not block it as they have done in many objects with a graphical interface), you will find the parameters that will let you adjust the knob size.


It looks like they have also gotten the length and Height mixed up! :oops: