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About Updating and Deleting existing Archicad elements from Grasshopper, I think...

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Currently, we can Read Archicad elements from GH and even algorithmically Create new geometrical elements controlling its parameters and property values.

And this is really great for enhancing archicad modeling capabilities, no doubt!

But the connection addon, after years of development, is still lacking a very important functionality: The capability to UPDATING existing archicad elements (its parameters values, its property values, or its position in the model) and DELETING them.

This feature would make grashopper not only a modeling tool for grasshopper, but it would undertake another very important task in the current architectural practice, the INFORMATION MANAGEMENT.

We could use Grasshopper as a very capable Archicad model auditor. The capabilities would expand significantly. Imagine: Algorithmic Layer containment check and correction, parameter name check/correction, atribute assignment check/corrections... A real game changer!

Now, apart of "physical elements" i.e (wall, slabs, windows, curtain wall...) imagine the possibilities if all set of existing Archicad attributes could be Created, Read, Updated and Deleted directly from Grasshopper. Archicad Informational Management capabilities enormously extended, just implementing for grasshopper full access to Archicad Database.

This feature, in my opinion has the potential to totally change the way we use archicad nowadays, and should be taken as a priority, given that is unlikely to interfere with current archicad tools and recognizes Grasshopper as a fully capable programing enviroment that complements perfectly with any current archicad workflow.

Schedules are great as model audit tool, but lacks the capabilities of mass editing properties values. Grasshopper is the definitive audition, edition, managing tool.... Please, unleash its potential. Give us access to full CRUD actions to manage Archicad database!

Everyone knows the goodness of Graphical Overriding. Now, we also know creating rules for Graphical Overrides is slow and painfull. Enter grasshopper as Graphical Overriding editor.

I will not continue with examples, but any archicad workflow has the capability of being greatly enhanced with Grasshopper (not only modeling).

For the time being, this wish only ask to existing elements Update and Delete possibility.

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Hi Leceta,

Thanks for pointing the need of update ArchiCAD database. That'll be definitely a very important feature. If we could control every parameters from Grasshopper we could definitely improve our workflow and propose better design and environmental analysis.

Graphisoft should focus more on developping this wonderful tool :)


Hi All,

Thank you very much for creating this poll, and for those of you who voted to voice their opinion.

I am happy to say we took notice and I have added this into our WishList (please refer to it in the future as Wish #12560), and hopefully our Product Management team will adopt this one in the future.

As a fan of Grasshopper myself, I also think this would indeed be a Game Changer. :)

[Stay Active. Stay Awesome! :wink:]

Thank you all once more, and I wish you a great day!

Kind regards,
Thanks Ghaleb, hopefully this will be understood as an functionality similar to what Project Everest seems to follow.

It feels very strange to see how Graphisoft is starting new journeys when old ones (plugin connection has 4-5 years?) that are identical by spirit are evolving surprisingly slow, even without fully exploiting its potential functionalities AT ALL.

How long will we need to wait for this plugin works as it "should". The "wish" that started this post is not a brilliant idea or a revelation. It is something SO OBVIOUS that it is hard to understand why it has not been implemented 5 years after, but still, there is the courage to start "Python" projects, "Everest" projects, including a variety of funny easter eggs...

As a client (a second class client), this is difficult to understand.
Thank you all for your input on this.

I understand how important this is so I will try and push this further from within however, I encourage you all to voice your opinions as well directly through our re-sellers (where you purchased ARCHICAD from) as the more times something is reported, the higher priority it gets.

I am looking forward to having this feature implemented in the future!

Kind regards,
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