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I've come across the need for this on many occasions now and keep having to stop development because of it. An example of this would be the name_of_plan request, just being able to use the string in the master script would be so useful. Another one would be project info. I'm not asking to be able to edit these but only to read them and maybe add to a parameter value...

I can't help but feel it's a needless limitation that is good for nothing but hindering library part development.
Totally agree, and further to this the ability to read profile related requests in the parameter/master script i.e...
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n = REQUEST ("Name_of_Profile", index, name)
n = REQUEST ("Profile_default_geometry,..."

Currently there is a Profile parameter type which lets the user select a profile. This is great in 2D/3D where the geometry can be used in the modelling, however you cannot assign any requested information from the complex profile to a parameter for further calculation (unless the value is only used temporarily at run time).

Graphisoft, why are all of these requests given the "Expression returns 0 and contains dummy return values (emtpy string or 0) if used in parameter script, causing additional warning." treatment? It is insanely frustrating and severely limits possibilities!!!