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Would you submit object fixes that you have made to GS?

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By Lingwisyer
As you may have noticed while delving through the GS and reseller object libraries that there are a multitude of objects that do not quite work how they are supposed to. Sometimes you will skip the object, but other times you spend one minute to do a simple fix (example), but over time, minutes add up. Unlike the example, many of these cases probably fly under the radar.

So this wish is for somewhere that users can upload "fixed" objects back to GS for reintroduction into everyone's library. In that way, the next time someone goes to use said object, they are not again doing another fix.

Ideally, this upload would also include notes on how said object differs from the original. Whether this be by user input or by trackchanges which could be implemented if GS ever gets around to overhauling the GDL environment.

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By Moonlight
If they put the script on something like Git it would be a game changer
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By runxel
Moonlight wrote: Thu Mar 12, 2020 3:30 pm If they put the script on something like Git it would be a game changer
Oh yesssss, that would be great.
Thanks to the HSF option from the LP_XMLConverter this is easier than ever!
I already started to put my custom objects onto github.