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Hi there,

As of the moment I´m writing this post, using ArchiCAD 22, I have found out that PEN Array Parameter is incapable of selecting the "-1" pen, on the contrary to PEN parameter that.

Therefore, I would like that the developers would make Pen Array Parameter capable of selecting the value of "-1", as with Pen Parameter.
I am not even sure this should be a wish. This sounds more like a bug.
Anyway, I will forward this to Graphisoft and let them figure it out.
As mentioned here ... viewtopic.php?f=49&t=70370&p=314242#p314271

Pen -1 (& pen 0) are special pens for the background colour of fills.
They can only be used for fills and report an error if selected for any other purpose.
The problem is that any pen parameter in a GDL object will have the option of pen 0 & -1- they just can't be used as it will give an error message.

pen_fill_background.jpg (162.19 KiB) Viewed 477 times
As mentioned here .... viewtopic.php?p=314295#p314295

What if I need these values to be saved in an array ???
I would expect that your answer is "Then use an Integer Array Parameter", but based on the circumstances I have mentioned before, including those users that aren't versatile in GDL scripting, and maintaining library part's scheme & structure with Graphisoft's GDL styling, it breaks the object's programming scheme, luckily it only affected one portion, but if it was something else it would have caused a big mess