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Create an option to reset DRAWINDEX to its original order

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No, not necessary
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By Moonlight
Hi everyone,

From time to time we need to set the order of the scripted elements in GDL using DRAWINDEX function.

But a small issue arises, which is whenever you have used it in your script, you can't reset it back to the original order, which was confirmed by Barry Kelly in this thread HOW TO RESET DRAWINDEX?

Therefore I propose that Graphisoft team, would create a usable option for resetting the DRAWINDEX function to the original order for example:
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Drawindex 0
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By Moonlight
Hi everyone,

I believe that this wish should be closed based on the reply I got from PETER BAKSA in the mentioned post.

It appears to be an issue of undocumented parts or the GDL Reference Manual ...

Anyway, I have added this issue to QUESTIONING ABOUT MANUALS ?