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nested object would be extremly useful for a lot of design tasks, but I can imagine that the development would take a lot of resources as LaszloNagy mentioned

I wonder if it would be possible to enhance the "grouping" feature in that direction with much less effort. Giving a group a name/ ID (and an insert point) so it can be scheduled with its parts, would do a lot what "nested objects" would be used for (at least in our context). When you can save them also as favorite we would be already more then happy.

Is that approach too far fetched?

BR, Florian
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By mnguyen
Hi Gary,

Thank you for the enthusiasm with PARAM-O!

This is a big list of of wishes! The wishes regarding UI/UX suggestions were entered as entry #12824 in our Wish List Database. The rest was registered separately as #12881, #12882, #12883, #12884 and #12885. Hopefully, we will be able to implement them in the near future!

Thank you once again, and have a great day!

Best regards,
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By gdford
As ventello said - current part assemblies like the Toilet ADA 23 are great for fast modeling, but then they are worthless for scheduling and associative labeling which is actually the point of BIM. For me parts like ADA 23 are nothing but a sales pitch.... but not particularly useful except for space planning purposes which never end up as construction docs.
So .... what we are talking about here is that it would be really nice is part of the direction for the Param-O tool would be to allow it to group existing parts together, but when published as a new part the subparts still have the ability to behave in schedules and associative labeling as if they were individual parts in the model .... and it would be nice if they could also schedule as sub-assemblies parts.
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Two very simple wishes, regarding PARAM-O:
- To be able to maximise the PARAM-O window.
- Learning videos, made in Graphisoft.
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I would also like to see the XYZ axes in the editor (in the 3D), and also, I would like to highlight the elements: if I select a box of a shape, to highlight the element in the 3D, and vice versa.

I don’t know If this is already possible.