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By gdford
After spending all day messing with the new ParamO object tool I have a few wishes....
I know this tool is under development..... I am not complaining. I see major value for this tool... hopefully building tables and chairs with the ParamO object tool will be the low hanging fruit... The potential could be amazing.
○ Param-O Objects Info Box should have the Custom Settings Parameters available in the info box
○ Right clicking on a Param-O Object should offer to edit the Param-O object in the selections
○ In the Param-O Object editor the nodes at the ends of connection should tell me where the connection is coming from. I should be able to see the sending Parameter Name and the Variable Name
○ It would be helpful to be able to assign line color and types to the Param-O node connection lines
○ In Object Selection Settings the Custom Settings should have ability to show the parameter name as well as the variable name.
○ It would be nice to be able to view all of the Parameters of the construction in a schedule type list where the Parameter Names, Variable Names, Expressions, and Values could be viewed and hopefully edited.
○ The Parameter for GDL Objects should have the ability to have access to all of the GDL object's parameters at the same time, not just be limited to a few.
○ In the Param-O Object editor when dragging a connection the editing window should scroll when you drag a connection to the edge of the window…. This is really needed!!
○ It would be very nice to be able to have Beam and Column objects available as Parameter Objects and be able to assign complex profiles as parameter options
○ Really Need to be able to access Param-O Objects parameters from schedules and autotext - this is important!!
○ Really need to be able to access an objects Property Numaric Values in the Param-O Object parameter expressions.
It would be good to be able to associate Param-O objects with other objects and then have access to the associated objects parameters…. For example build a Param-O object to build tile on the inside face of a wall from wall inside corner to wall inside corner….. Or build a Param-O object to associate with a Zone and automatically layout out all of the restroom fixtures based on a popup window for user selected/entered choices.
Good job!!!
Please keep making steady improvements.
This tool could be very impressive.
Smart Objects for Automation!!!!!
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By gdford
I noticed after I posted that it is already possible to extrude shapes.
Well done Graphisoft!
ParamO-Extrude Test.jpg
ParamO-Extrude Test.jpg (65.43 KiB) Viewed 654 times
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By LaszloNagy
Hi Gary,

Thanks for the long list of suggestions.
I will forward it to the Param-O developers.
By Braza
Thanks Laszlo!
And while you are here... It would be nice to schedule Objects used inside the Param-o object. I just saw a video that creates a kitchen assembly of regular Archicad kitchen objects. It would be really nice to be able to schedule them.
And thank you very much Viktor Kovacs and Agnes Gaschitz! This is a very impressive tool and it seems we are just scratching its surface potential.
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By gdford
I agree.
This has always been the problem with using the mult-function restroom library parts. We need to be able to schedule any GDL Part that is used inside Param-O.
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By gdford
Actually that is not such a long list of suggestions....
I log all of my suggestions in my data base.... but rarely send them forward......
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By LaszloNagy
Just my opinion: that is a tricky one because that would require a big development effort in GDL itself: the ability to interact with sub-elements of a Library part. Or we can call them nested library parts or macro library parts, whatever the name, it would be great to be able to select/edit/label/schedule them individually.
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By vdentello
I'm not sure if get what Laszlo Is saying, but, creating a possibility of exporting GDL "assemblies" into single elements would be a great thing.
Nesting is the dream, I always loved the way that Cinema 4D worked with Null Objects in which you could throw loose elements to form a "package".
Makes a lot of sense when exporting to IFC, i never use the Accessible Sanitary Object because i usually need the bars separated from the toilet itself.
On the description of that one you can't merge both toilet and bar specification, otherwise, the toilet will not merge with similar toilets around the project?
Well, +1 on that i believe.
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By LaszloNagy
Yes, it would be great.
What I am saying is that it is not a small development task as far as I can judge.
Of course, it is not impossible either, since several element types already exist in Archicad that are hierarchical element types that have sub-elements that can be individually selected, edited, labeled, scheduled. Examples are Curtain Wall, Stair, Railing, Column, Beam. So yes, why not GDL-based element types as well?
LaszloNagy wrote: Thu Sep 17, 2020 10:48 am Examples are Curtain Wall, Stair, Railing, Column, Beam. So yes, why not GDL-based element types as well?

I guess the difference is curtain walls, stairs, railings, columns and beams are all 'assemblies' of multiple objects/elements, so they are still individual pieces - hence can be scheduled.
GDL (and Param-o) is a bit different as all the objects/elements are amalgamated in one script forming essentially one big object.