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By martineide
Hello all!

After working in archicad for quite some time now I have a good overview of the program. There is no doubt in my head that the program needs to focus on opimization and speed rather than adding things.

Truth be told you could drop tons of functions few people would even notice missing.

Even after extensive testing myself as-well as talking to the developers I have a hard time controling/understanding what the program works on when you are not doing anything. I am totaly aware about background updating etcetc.

The simplest way to show the problems(which I feel there are more and more of with each update) is to take two tabs with the exact same setup so there are no difference in view mode or anything and then move between the two. Even if you do not do anything else than move between them, you dont draw a line, in larger projects you will now still be waiting a long time just for this action.

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By LaszloNagy
It is hard to reflect to what you are saying if you are using AC18 as your signature states.
Performance improvements and optimizations are continually happening in newer and newer ARCHICAD versions, including the just announced ARCHICAD 22.
Is this issue in AC18 or AC21, maybe?
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By Lingwisyer
I think the issue here is how ArchiCAD does not keep live tabs and requires a "rebuild" each time a tab is made active. Though since AC20, the "rebuild" time is significantly lower.

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