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Making ArchiCAD aware of default project folder

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Would it be possible to tell ArchiCAD what is the home project folder for each project file?

This would make some improvements possible, such as preventing accidental saving of solo project to another project folder. We have had problems where if you have multiple instances of AC open, and save as from one instance and switch to another instance, the other one will save as to the same folder of the first instance and not to the folder where the source file was. If ArchiCAD was aware of project home folder it could pop up with a note.

Another improvement would be with default publish location being defined in template file publisher set as <project home folder>\company\subfolder\structure\...

Project home folder could be defined in project info.
I've had this on the Mac for a long time and it's quite frustrating when a missing file turns up saved in a different project. The "save as" option should ALWAYS default to the current drawing's last saved location, why it should default to the directory of a different drawing session makes no sense.