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By 4hotshoes
I have been having trouble logging in to various pages connected to Graphisoft. Now I know why. There are THREE separate logins under the Graphisoft website umbrella. I was emailed the attached cheat sheet. Really?! We need a cheat sheet?

1. Graphisoft ID
2. Archicad-Talk User Forum
3. Archiplus Account


The whole Graphisoft website needs to be restructured and simplified, which is another topic, AND have a single login for all things Graphisoft. What is the point of making your customers manage so many logins and make it hard to find stuff they need to find. It makes Graphisoft look DAFT. This is bad! Archicad is a great app, but Graphisoft's presentation to the world is a bad representation of excellent programming. The sales and marketing team at Graphisoft need a new charge and leadership. Graphisoft looks weak compared to Autodesk's aggressive sales machine. Archicad is better than anything that Autodesk has, but the USA doesn't know it. Start with a single login, please!
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By Miha_M
I agree.
Since this different web portals once were independent and users like you and me started using them one by one with separate dedicated logins I think it's time to restructure. Graphisoft, at least give us an option to merge all our acounts into a single one!