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Would you like 'File > Save As' to default to the folder where the file was opened from?

Doesn't bother me.
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By mnguyen

Thank you for the input!

I was able to reproduce the issue, this time with ticking "Launch a new instance of Archicad" when opening another file with Archicad. My observation is:
- First, open file 1
- In file 1's window, File > Open > navigate to file 2 > tick Launch a new instance of Archicad
- In file 2's window, if you go to File > Open or Save as, the location is at file 1
Looks like file 2 carried over the location of file 1 instead of using its correct folder.

On the other hand, I was unable to reproduce the issue with saving in one session, got carried over to other sessions:

Anyhow, now that I know how to reproduce it, I have entered the first one into our Wish List database (please refer to it as IDEA-1386)

Feel free to let me know your further opinions and experiences with this issue!
Thank you very much!
Best regards,