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I often find myself in need of creating a number of same building material inside one project, just for each one of them to have different material strength in order to produce correct drawings and intersections between elements. This makes tracking changes of materials, scheduling, and other tasks more difficult.
What about creating an option inside composite dialog where one could overwrite material strength for a specific layer? That way, we could still have only one material inside the file, and possibility to have multiple strengths if needed.
What, you mean go back to the way it used to be (pre version 16)?
Back then we had about 14 different strengths to choose from rather than the 1000 we have now.
I don't think that will happen somehow.

The numbers in brackets in my image is simply the old strength/ new strength.
I added this to make it easier to convert the files at the time.

I still have this strength in the name of the building materials now - multiple building materials with the same name but different strength number.

skin_priority.jpg (87.97 KiB) Viewed 188 times
I've got better idea. Just wall must be as one object - not let say four walls for rectangular building - but one object for all four walls. Then each corner, as part of the same object, can have better control and properties. Also special connection points of internal walls with external. Just if look at this problem not from point of view of ArchiCAD, but how builders are thinking when they build the building. Actually, do you know what builders are thinking about us, architects with computers? Leave it for your imagination.
I understand Petar.Pejic frustration. I also have post a wish related with this issue.
I called it Building Material With Intersection Priority Defined By Element Not much feedback in this one. :mrgreen:
But this is a real issue. Duplicating BM is not a proper solution. :roll:
I think the suggestion to have an intersection priority inside Composite Dialog Box would just move the problem from the BM to Composites (or perhaps Complex Profiles too).
I mean: You would end up by duplicating Composites, right? :wink: Yes. It is better than duplicating BM. But for an office standards matter it would also be a nightmare.
In the other hand, if you had the ability to override it at element base then we would have a perfect solution.
:idea: Perhaps a new drop-down general element setting with all BM involved and the respective override. Like the surfaces overrides.
I agree with @braza. My suggestion would create an issue where one would have to duplicate composites (which I still think is a better option than duplicating building materials.)

I also agree that the best option would be to have the option to overwrite building material on an element level (like @braza) suggested (like you can overwrite surfaces). You simply select an element and you can overwrite the strength of all building materials applied to that element. That would be very good solution in my opinion, and I guess not that hard to implement in current user interface.

I would like to see graphisoft focus on that kind of workflow updates to the software as well. That kind of update would be beneficial to all users right away.
Yes Petar. We are doing our part. Which is showing things that are not working and how they should work. But if its hard to implement or not, I really don't know. :wink:
I will link this post to mine, for better context.