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By furtonb
Is there any update in this field? If I'm not mistaken, the segmentation issue still persists in AC22 (I know, it's not a bug, it's a feature, but still).
Bruce wrote:
Mon Feb 05, 2018 8:01 pm
Just about everyone here (where I'm working) is pushing me to go to Rhino for everything (and I'm supplementing the more difficult modelling components with Rhino), but I'm holding out with Archicad, as it can't be beat for documentation..

Basically the same here: Rhino + Grasshopper takes an increasing portion of the modeling/drawing work, ARCHICAD is often used as a documenting tool only, or to draft the input curves...
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By Moonlight
Thumbs up to whoever and everyone that is voting that Graphisoft must change it's methods for curves representation from segmented lines to real curves.

On the other hands, about Nurbs. Although I know they are awesome in every possible way, I'm not very hasty for ArchiCAD to have similar capacity to that of Rhino in that aspect, for two simple reasons:
1. Real curves are quicker and easier to implement.
2. 95% of all projects that are done in ArchiCAD (or any other program used for AEC), can be done/specified/modelled efficiently and effortlessly with Meshes, in fact most of these project will gain nothing from Nurbs implementation.