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By NateKM
I use two monitors and when I have two AC files open and open a pop-up window (like Find or Profile Manager) it will often open in the other monitor, behind the other file so I have to exit that file out of full screen, click back on the first file and then can work in the pop-up. Quite annoying. It would be great if pop-ups would open in the same monitor on top of the current project. Thanks!
By DWilson
Yep annoying. I have a few workspace profiles saved for this very reason. If I'm specifically working on one file I have a main screen and the floaty bits/windows. I'll often also use Windows multiple desktops to give me ++space in this instance.
Multi-file projects I use a more compact more 'docked' workspace so I can drag it to one or the other monitor but the find box for example tends to remember where it was last opened. Annoying but manageable.
Definitely it should pop to the front and maybe set off a flare to let you know that it's hiding in plain sight just not where you expect it.
Also this would be a great one for BIM manager's working on a random pc not set to your own OCD arrangement. :shock:
Hope this helps.
Hi All,

Thank you for your active participation on the forums!

I'm happy to say that we took notice of this request and added it into our WishList!
For future reference, the Wish number is 12402.

I hope we will see this being implemented in the future!

Until then, I wish you all a great day!

Kind regards,