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Make 2D lines appear in 3D models

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By Paopao
I think making 2D lines appearing in 3D would be a great way to enhance 3D modelling. Think axonometric or perspective plans imported from dwg or drawn in 2D lines (think what Rhino has always implemented). I think it is an essential way to show architectrual features in a drawing.

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By Paopao
in that case thhere is something I am missing as I have tampered with an imported file and didn't manage to have it shown in 3D, I had to rely on Rhino. How do you do it? Can you point me in the right dfirection please? :) I tried to morph a 2D dwg (it is a plan of a town so many many lines...) and didn't manage to do it.
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By Moonlight
Also, if you need 2D lines in the 3D view, may be you need to work in the 3d worksheet
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By Paopao
If I understand correctly you don't actually work on the 3D model itself but on a separate worksheet where you created a 2D views from the 3D model and then you add the lines you need. I meantt the ability to actually keep 2D lines in the 3D view. Could someone actually have a look at a model I have worked on? because if it is actually possible I am missing something big.

UPDATE: I attach a view of the Floor Plan (where I work with both 2d and 3D objects): I would like everything to show up in the axo view (seconnd image) so I can see the 2D plan in the 3D view. At this stage the post shoudld be moved to another Noticeboard.
Floor Plan
Floor Plan
FloorPlan.jpg (251.71 KiB) Viewed 377 times
3D views
3D views
3D.jpg (79.44 KiB) Viewed 377 times
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By runxel
It is absolutely possible.
When loading a DWG just set the option "Import Model Space content as GDL Object".
Easy as that. Bam!

Have fun with your linework in 3D (:

(You can't snap to it, however. Workaround: Convert to Morph)