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Brief background
ARCHICAD Library Part Maker (LPM) has been around for sometime now (IIRC v20), it's open for all users in the beginning, but now it's part of additional exclusive license only.

A lot of features has been added into newer versions of ARCHICAD since then, some covered basic architects needs and quality of life improvements, others tended to be too specific and would rarely if ever be used by architects. Don't get me wrong, i love all the good changes that newer ARCHICAD brought, i love the ui overhaul, i love the integration of MEP modeler into newer ARCHICAD (even though i haven't transitioned into the newest ARCHICAD yet, i think it's great)

But what good is there if we can't define / create our own objects with correct & dynamic representation options. Considering that objects creation is part of day to day routine in a standard design workflow, no matter what your services are, It's a pretty strange decision to not develop and integrate it in the base package (I saw documentation of the new "Param-O", it's okay, but in my opinion, it still doesn't cut it, mainly because it still lacks the needed parameter / connectivity with the rest of ARCHICAD display tools)

So, long story short, in my opinion
The problems are:

1. Lack of connectivity with Model View Options (MVO) & Graphic Overrides (GO) on custom made objects (made in ARCHICAD or imported from Rhino or elsewhere), specifically related to dynamic Level of Detail (LOD) really hinders users ability to efficiently manage their models and produce their drawings
2. Users have to workaround multiple models for multiple LODs, adding unnecessary workloads
3. Increased portions of manual work and therefore chance of human errors which defeats the purpose of using ARCHICAD and undermines ARCHICAD as a BIM platform in the first place

What my wish is:
to give ARCHICAD users the ability to set multiple LODs (especially the 2D & 3D display aspects) for custom objects with connection to MVO & GO, either by including LPM into standard version of ARCHICAD and add LOD display options along the way, or implement said features into Param-O

Dear John,

First of all, Happy New Year!

Thank you very much for creating the wish!

I am happy to say we took notice of this wish and I have added it to our Wish List database (please refer to it as Wish #12963). Hopefully, our Product Management team will adopt this one in the future.

Thank you all once more, and I wish you a great day!

Best regards,