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I am trying to use the Door Legend and Window Legend in an AC20 project. The 3D Elevation views on the bottom row of the schedule are coming up in the shaded mode. I would like them to be a hidden line view without the colored material fills. I can not for the life of me find where you can change a setting to get the hidden line view. I decided to stop banging my head against the wall and inquire here. Can some one point me in the right direction?

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The answer to your question is to use the Graphic Overrides.

See here ...

Thanks for the reply. Sorry for not posting on the right thread. I will admit to being VERY frustrated trying to find this setting and I just wanted to get an answer. So I just posted without hesitating to think-I know better, so sorry again. I had checked GO's but I was looking for something to change the view type from shaded to hidden line. I would not have guessed fill backgrounds to transparent was the place to go.

I can now wrap up my drawings. Thanks again!!