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Hey Everyone,

Per the title, I was hoping to reduce the number of entries in my schedules and these will be to determine the purchase quantities and types, so every individual instance on an object is not necessary.

Is it possible to do this? I've seen some work arounds in other places that seem to be no longer possible due to some changes in the last versions of Archicad, at least with trying to get the room (zone) name and number on the same line.

Any advice appreciated.
This seems to be a slightly different thing: I was thinking that if there are 4 instances of the same door/window that would otherwise have only one entry in a schedule, if those four locations could be present in one cell, in a row for the instances of those locations.
Sure, here is a screenshot:

The 'Position i Huset' row would be where each instance of a certain type of door would be placed if there is more than one instance of that door. So, in other words, if I have 20 doors of the same exact type, I can have one column, not 20.
dorr coll.JPG
Well, I think you can. Open the Schedule Dialog and check "Merge Uniform Items." You will also want to add a "Quantity" column/row to get totals. However, if there is even a slight variation in the columns/rows (such as room number or zone), it will create a new column or row. You can subtotal any column or row, though, and the solution might involve creating a separate schedule with less columns or rows -- maybe just the door size and type.