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By mantrajt
Hi: I´m doing a two story project and creating a light list for it.

I can't find a way to separate that list from one floor to the other.

It just shows de entire amount of light fixtures from both floors.

How can I effectively create a filter? and if I do so, should I create one list per story?

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By Barry Kelly
The problem is you are looking for objects in a particular storey OR lamps that could be in any storey and they are all in a particular layer.

Try putting the element criteria in brackets so it finds object or lamps in a particular storey and a particular layer.

The brackets can be very important when using "OR".

This will mean you will need separate schedules for each storey.
If you remove the storey from the criteria and add it as a field, then you can have just one schedule and sort the results by storey.

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By Barry Kelly
This is actually a specific schedule question so I have moved it to that section of the forum.

By Eli Chiasson
As Barry said, if all you are looking for is a breakdown of the lights per floor, you can remove the Home Story filter from your Criteria.

Do the following,
1. List Home Story as the first field, set the "flag" flag
2. List Quantity, set the "sum" flag

(see this Graphisoft guide for more)
light schedule 2.PNG
light schedule 2.PNG (14.11 KiB) Viewed 62 times
In the main schedule settings, turn on "Show Headline" and set it to use the first scheduled field. This makes it visually clearer, but not necessary to get your result.
light schedule 1.PNG