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Greetings. Is there a way to assign a 'Use' and related parking ratio to zones so as to extract the required number of parking stalls for a project? As an example, in certain jurisdictions for retail use the parking ratio is 1 stall to 250 SF and office use the ratio is 1:500. 1,000 sf of retail combined with 1,000 sf of office would result in 6 required parking stalls. It would be great if there is a way to automatically calculate this based on entering a 'Use' and ratio for the various uses. Could there be a dropdown list of Uses with their associated ratios already entered? Thank you, Scott
A application for which expressions were created for -- if you have ver 22. Normally, you would create a property for each zone capacity factor. then create a expression with a series of chained 'IFs' by matching a classification to its capacity factor and performing the multiplication. You could also create a single dropdown capacity list and select from that. Classifications are manually set only -- other than the API.

As a alternate to creating separate properties, you could use a single delimited string for the capacity factors but for a small number, that would overly complicate things.

if you did not want to use the classification system, you could create two option properties, one for the usage and one for the capacity factor. In this event, the user would have to match the two dropdowns against each other. The resulting expression calculation, could then be used in a attached Label, schedules or in a graphic override.
Hey Gerry, thank you so much for your explanation. Although I have a rudimentary knowledge of Properties I am not skilled enough to create this. Is there a template that you could suggest? It seems that this would be a popular property for many to use. I appreciate any suggestions. Scott

Edit: so there should be a drop down option set column for 'Use', with retail, warehouse, office, etc. and another column (Required Parking Stalls) that automatically returns the number of parking stalls required based on an assigned ratio for that use. So the Parking Stalls column automatically calculates the number of stalls based on the Use column.
There's no template that i know of --- YET --- Some may incorporate into theirs.

If you can create two option properties -- one (usage) to select the application and one (Space Ratio) to select the factor.
Then create a expression with the following code:

ROUNDUP ( IF ( {Property:Parking Cals/Usage} = "Retail", ( {Property:Zone/Calculated Area} / 1 ft2 ) * STRTONUM ( {Property:Parking Cals/Space Ratio} ), IF ( {Property:Parking Cals/Usage} = "Office", ( {Property:Zone/Calculated Area} / 1 ft2 ) * STRTONUM ( {Property:Parking Cals/Space Ratio} ), 0 ) ), 0 )

Set all classifications to the same value -- i.e. space

if your still confused - I'll offer a 'goto' web meeting if you send me your e-mail?

Note: Zones can not use labels - use the zone stamp or schedules.
Thanks Gerry. I will try this but hope to confirm the concept. This information will appear in a schedule. The calculated parking is solely based on the Use, so Use will be a Field with the records Retail, Warehouse etc. The records will be used to lookup the ratio, then in a calculation column will automatically multiply the measured area of the zone by the looked up ratio for that use yielding the parking stalls required. Once setup, only 'Use' selections are entered from dropdown menu, the associated stalls are automatically calculated. Please see the attached screenshots. I appreciate your help with this. Scott ... I0TU_omSyZ
The above will accomplish your scheme --except I separated the use and factor options. In fact, the usage and factor fields could be combined, since the factors are fixed. If you use only one field for both usage and capacity factor the data would have to be extracted for either usage or parking spaces.

Assuming a combined usage field of: Commercial - 100, for example. Extract the two variables (usage & factor) using the SPLIT command.

The total of parking spaces can only be done within the schedule. There are a number of ways to approach this But not as complicated as it sounds.
Hi Gerry, thank you for the vote of confidence but this type of work is a little beyond my capabilities. I will try. In the attached link I successfully made the Option Set Use within Properties. That property was used in a schedule to sort and total areas by Use, but I could not automatically create the calculation. I had to export to a spreadsheet and manually create it. The link shows side by side screenshots of schedules, where I input the Use categories in the Occupancy Schedule and sorted in the Parking Analysis Schedule. Anyway, this is what is basically needed. Thanks! Scott ... xvsQAp2cQv
Gerry, incredible video that s very helpful and gets right to the point. Well done and thank you so much. I believe this is something which the entire community will benefit from. Scott :D
Hi Gerry, I executed your work which worked with the exception that the rounding up should occur in the last step. Each room should yield a fractional space. Your calculation rounds up each space causing too many parking spaces to be counted. For instance, .5 stall + .5 stall + .5 stall should total 1.5 stalls rounded up to 2 stalls in the grand total. Yours totals 3 stalls. Can you please advise what adjustment is required? Really appreciate your time. Thank you, Scott