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Discussion of non-graphical data: Properties, Property Expressions, Classifications, Interactive Schedules

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By kzaremba
Is there any way to access GDL parameters in Property Expressions? We have some schedules based on GLD parameters and I would like to push it to properties.
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By poco2013
Expressions can only address the common pre-assigned parameters which are the attributes listed under the "edit" tab of expressions that are listed in the elements above "properties". I assume you are referring to user assigned parameters? Those are not available - Only the pre-assigned parameters subset and, any linked properties under "Properties & Expressions".

BTW -- The request to have "open access' to ALL data has been made many, many times. Hopefully we'll see some improvement in 23 ?
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By kzaremba
This is strange for me we end up with 3 different data systems which aren't fully compatible:
- GDL parameters - not practical access in object menu or schedule, can be set up only manually or by GDL scripting which means custom lib
- IFC Properties - Can access GLD properties and Properties only In one direction (read), but has full access to GDL properties, can only do simple CONCAT and SPLIT no logical functions
- Properties - with a limited amount of access to GDL and IFCProperties but powerful expressions

We actually cant benefit fully with any of those solutions... The only workaround I was thinking of is exporting IFC with mapped GDL values and map them back during import to the file... But it seems to be quite difficult to manage if it's not live mapping but kind of user dependent...
poco2013 wrote:"open access'
Hopefully, it's coming but I think there should be a good strategy for it communicated in advanced. We would like to know what the direction…

The other issue is accessing values of other related elements. I totally don't understand why we are able to access Number and Name of related Zones but no other value or property… form expressions.
By Kevin Motyka
I too have wanted to pull information into the new properties expressions, similar to what can be done in the schedules. Exactly how you show it should occur. I have not found how it is possible. The work around I have found is to use the label tool and a nicely created label by a fellow ArchiCAD enthusiast. Labeling can then be accomplished using the Description JAM9 from the label tool. To obtain this special label tool add on, go to the following link: ... hape_b.php

If you are an experienced coder, I would think you could then embellish that label with multiple lines. I wish I were more adept at doing so. I am trying to learn however.

I hope that helps.