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Discussion of non-graphical data: Properties, Property Expressions, Classifications, Interactive Schedules

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I want to try a few alternative layouts on worksheets so as not to clutter the model with objects and workshop stories, so I copy-paste these 2D-3D objects onto a worksheet. When I do they lose their IFC classification and properties tied to it. Once they are on the worksheet I can manually reassign them their classification and reset their related properties —it just happens that there are thousands of these and reassigning is not workable really. I could use a separate file for trying these alternative layouts on different stories, which is uglier and sooner or later I would be having to deal with library, attributes and properties management.

Is there any logic to that classification&property loss, or any workaround?
Just to clarify: you are talking about elements created with the Object Tool, right?
Because in case of most 3D element types, such as Walls, Slabs, etc. they are converted to Lines and Fills when pasted into a Worksheet Viewpoint and that changes their Classification and Properties as well.
In the case of Object elements, I see that their Classification becomes "Unclassified". I suppose this is what you are talking about?