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Discussion of non-graphical data: Properties, Property Expressions, Classifications, Interactive Schedules

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By KrisM
I have a door and window schedule which works fine. For each window or door entry, I would like to have the wall ID as a field. I do not see any way to do this. Any suggestions out there?
In the schedule fields, add the 'Parent ID' that you can find in the 'General' section.

By sKo
hi ..
this will deliver the "element-id" of the parent object.
how about adding the Unique-ID of the parent object in a list?
(it must be possible, but i cant find it)
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By Barry Kelly
You can get the unique ID of the element itself, but I am not aware of a field to get the unique ID of the parent element.

By sKo
thanks for the reply Barry.
yes, there is no such field "Parent Unique ID" in the default parameters, while the information must be in the system.
i am aggregating informations from several list into an element list (element data, layer-information, surfaces and openings). the openings will 'only' give me the "Parent Element ID", which works fine with my own models since i use only unique element ID's. but I would like to get rid of this 'restriction'.
is there any possibility to accomplish this somehow? preferably in a list rather then use SDK. (e.g. read-out some tree-view of UID's).
Any help appreciated!